Who we are

Here You can have a look at our mission!

KPEOPLE Research Foundation is a non-profit research organization based in Malta, committed to promote the study, scientific research, technological development in the area of social innovation and community resilience, within the fields of disasters effects mitigation, social inclusion, cultural heritage, well-being and friendly government.

KPEOPLE Research Foundation has been spun off by KPEOPLE LTD in 2017 to be a research dedicated organisation.

Kpeople ltd has been established in 1998 (www.kpeople.com), specialized in Grants and Innovation Management, providing support services to private and public organizations in innovation processes, technology transfer, and funding for research, development and innovation.

KPRF Vision


Over the years, the experience gained on supporting national and international bodies, has led us to dialog with other sectors such as economic, law, public policies, communication, and psychology, and to realize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the concept of risk.

KPRF aims at proposing an Innovation Strategy in research projects adding greater attention to the dissemination of knowledge and ideas exploitation, aiming to increase the awareness level on communities, consolidating improved community behaviours, both in political decisions and individual choices.

From a strictly scientific and human perspective we are focusing social science and humanity policy improvement to enhance all citizens well-being also in critical situations.

The foundation is also aimed at addressing issues related to social finance including Social Impact Bonds, Social responsibility and volunteering with non-monetary circular economy challenges supported by the use of leading edge or incoming technologies such as blockchain and machine learning.

Another priority is to support the design of policy able not only to reduce risks for the cultural patrimony but to convert those risks in axes around which important economic and social changes revolve and thus, constitutes an increasingly fundamental variable for their conservation and social value, especially within a context of climate change.

Kpeople Research Foundation, based in Malta, works mainly in research and on field projects aiming at improving the overall wellbeing of citizens starting from those with disadvantages.

Kpeople Research Foundation is capitalising the Kpeople group experience in relationships between Public bodies, NGOs and private organisations investigating new paradigms in horizontal subsidiarity approach development.

Kpeople – History


Based in the UK but operating throughout Europe KPEOPLE has developed a substantial reputation for supporting a wide range of different types of organisation (public and private), to introduce more effective and efficient ways of working.

A particular feature of our approach involves making the best possible use of the whole range of emerging technologies that are becoming available at an ever-increasing rate but which can lead organisations along expensive and unproductive paths.

Our philosophy is to identify where new technologies can help organisations to work better.  We never allow the technologies to be the driver or try to fit working practices around them.

Since it was established KPEOPLE has supported over 100 organisations in various business sectors to improve their performance in a wide variety of ways.

KPEOPLE worked extensively at Government level specially within UK, Italy and France being heavily involved in the development and implementation of a number of national policy initiatives. An extensive experience has been carried out in disaster recovery, community engagement, e-government and e-democracy with particular emphasis on electronic voting systems.

Over the past 21 years KPEOPLE have participated eleven international R&D projects funded by the European Commission in various areas related to social challenges in a reflective society and the Foundation is now going to start a new one in the area of Safety for citizens and first responders facing disasters.

As a result of the contacts we have made through all these activities we have now developed a substantial European partner network currently working in UK, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany, Austria, Serbia, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Poland.